How Much YouTube Pays for 1000 Views in Pakistan? 1000 Views Get Rs. 150+ | Google AdSense Clicks

Google Adsense Earnings

How much income YouTube currently paying to the Channel owners is very complex question? But as per analytics provided by many channel Owners and YT Studio of YouTube we can guess the approx income per 1000 views. For example on my YouTube Channel Smart Tech Expert, I recently getting .80$ on 1000 views and some time getting 1$ on 600 views. So the income from YouTube depends on the content of your video and also the advertiser choice.

In this article we will discuss some different factors that will effect the earning depends upon views. Actually if your views of coming purely from Pakistan then YouTube giving the lowest amount per views due to the advertisers are showing Ads from outside Pakistan.

You can watch my detail video tutorial on this unique topic with real time analytics on Google AdSense and YouTube Analytics. The average YouTube CPM all around the world is $2-$7, CPM of $3 means that the creator is making $3 per 1000 views on his/her channel.

Some important factors:

  1. The selection of your Topic for Videos is very important because this is the choice of advertiser to show the Ads on your YouTube Channel.
  2. Traffic source on your YouTube channel is also play a very vital role to determined the highest payment.
  3. The length of your video is also depend because when your video is long then you can use different types of video types and get more income.
  4. The viewers location is also very important and watch time duration is also important to enhance your viewership.

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