How to Check Call History of Any Mobile No in Pakistan? Call Detail Records Analysis Report

Now a days a very important mobile technology used by different technical experts regarding to fetch the call history from their mobile history. In this articles we are going to present the step by step guidance about to analyze their own mobile and get call history from your SMS, calls, missed calls and many more.

By using this mobile app you can get xml or pdf backups of every database available in your phone like Contacts, Specific contact Log, Call Log, SMS backup, Call Log Statistics, SMS Statistics, truecaller. After anlayzing the backups and data you can save these databases and information on to your Google Drive/DropBox for future use. This app is also providing the facility to get backup and then in future restore with available information.

Important Features of Mobile App

  1. You Can get SMS backups and then further restore at any time in the format of PDF or XML.
  2. A very feature to analyze the mobile call logs like dialed, received, missed call with proper date range.
  3. You can search specific contact log along with his sms, calls and call logs previously with date range.
  4. A very good analytical call statistics inforamtion also available on this mobile app.
  5. A detailed SMS inforamtion is also the key feature of this mobile app.
  6. Any user can get his contacts along with contact number, contact name, email and other inforamtion saved in mobile database.
  7. You can import or export the Google Accounts available in your own mobile

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