Top 10 Mobile Apps Developed by Government of Pakistan to Facilitate Citizens

In the era of Technology Government of Pakistan also initiated many technology related projects through Federal Minister of IT and other provincial IT departments. In this articles we will discuss the top 10 mobile apps designed and developed by different Government departments and providing different online facilities on citizen mobile.

  1. Pakistan Citizen Portal

The Prime Minister of Pakistan launches this mobile application back in October 2018 with the aim to facilitate the citizens submit their complaints related to any Government departments. An independent department established in the Prime Minister Office names Prime Minister Delivery Unit (PMDU). A full dedicated technical and managerial team is working on this Mobile Application to look after the technical parameters and facilitate the citizen for better utilization. Any citizen living in Pakistan or Abroad or ever any Foreigner can submit their complaints on Pakistan Citizen Portal and then further track his complaints till the status resolved or closed. A detailed standard Operating Procedure develop and distributed to all Federal and Provincial departments. You can download Pakistan Citizen Portal on Android and iOS Mobile phone.

Download Pakistan Citizen Portal

2. FM Portal

The Foreign Minister of Pakistan launches the mobile app named “FM Portal” to facilitate the overseas Pakistani living abroad and wants to contact different embassies. Firstly any Overseas Pakistani registered himself on this mobile app and then select the relevant category to submit their complaints. A fully automated system along with database is working on the back end of this mobile app. FM Portal providing the technical tracking facilities and also feedback system after the proper resolution of their complaints. The Government of Pakistan wants to facilitate the Overseas Pakistani with full satisfaction because the Foreign Currency is very important to boost the economic position of Pakistan. If Overseas Pakistan relax and able to put their issues and suggestion directly to the relevant deparments and departments can solve their issues on time then the overall satisfaction level will increase. Any Overseas and Foreigner can download this mobile app and install on any Android Mobile Phone.

Download FM Portal Mobile App

3. City Islamabad

Islamabad is the beautiful capital of Pakistan and all over the world looking the quick and easy process within the capital. So, with the special instruction of Prime Minister of Pakistan National Information Technology Board started the development of Mobile App “City App Islamabad”. The basic purpose of this mobile app is to facilitate the citizens get any services related to Islamabad City. All Federal and Local administration departments integrated with this Mobile App like Chief Commissioner, Islamabad Police, Islamabad Traffic Police, Islamabad Excise, Capital Development Authority, NADRA, Muncipal Corporation Islamabad, IESCO, Sui Gas and many more. A lot of services available for citizens related to any departments working within Federal or under ICT Administration. The Online Payment gateway with 1Link and NADRA eSahulat is also integrated with City Islamabad Mobile App. Any citizen living in Islamabad or in any area of Pakistan can download and registered himself.

Download City Islamabad

4. ePay Punjab

The Government of Punjab designed and developed ePay Punjab Mobile app and providing the first digital aggregator for Public to Government (P2G) and Business to Government (B2G) payments system in Pakistan. Any citizen living in Punjab and need to get any facility can pay his services fees through this mobile app. You can use ePay Punjab Mobile app using Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, ATM, OTC (Over the Counter) banking transaction.

This mobile application development by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) under the direction of Chief Minister of Punjab and financial guidance of The Finance Department of Punjab. All financial transaction is fully integrated with State Bank of Pakistan and 1Link facility. So, all public and private banks is fully interconnected with the mobile app and facilitate to every citizen of Pakistan. Currently the Excise & Taxation, Token Tax for Vehicle, Motor Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Transfer, Property Tax, Professional Tax, Cotton feeBoard of Revenue (BOR), e Stamping, Mutation fee, Fard fee, Sales Tax on Services, Punjab Infrastructural Development Cess, Business Registration fee, Route Permit and Traffic Challan able to provide the financial taxes for citizens.

Download ePay Punjab Mobile App

5. ePayment GoS

The Government of Sindh designed and developed a mobile application named “ePayment GoS” for android mobile phones. This mobile app use to calculate tax of any vehicle and then verify the vehicle license plate. Any user can verify any number plate by entering the number of vehicle. After checking and verification of vehicles information you can check the pending or due taxes detailes and also paid taxes. With this mobile app you can check the registeration details of any vehicle and then further pay the taxes using PSID technique. This application will give you the PSID and you can pay your taxes on any Online Banking, ATM and On the Counter facility. Basic key features of this ePayment GoS excise application are Vehicle Verification, Tax calculator for new registration for both two and four wheeler, Search history online and offline, Motor vehicle tax details for both two and four wheeler.

Download ePayment GoS Mobile App

6. BaldiaOnline

The Government of Punjab department LG&CD designed and developed an independent mobile application about Baldia services. This mobile application is very good initiatives to make efforts to faciliate of residents of Punajb by making online services available. Any citizent can get a lot of services through this mobile app and get report birth, death, marriage and divorce online. After submission of requests the local government technical resources will contact to the concerned citizens. By using this mobile app now any citizens can launch any complaints or submit any suggestion to improve the services related to Baldia departments.
Furthermore, residents may now launch complaints and render suggestions online through this app.
Additional features shall be added soon on “Baldiaonline”.

BaldiaOnline also launched the Web portal to get the facilities on their computers by clicking on following link

Download BaldiaOnline Mobile App

7. Pakistan Railways Official

In all over the World the facility related to transportation is very important and normal public need to get the fastest transportation services from every government. The Government of Pakistan also initiated a very good step to provide the transporation related services. Pakistan Railway department launches and independent mobile app name “Pakistan Railways Official” for any android and iOS mobile phones. They are fully dedicated their services and upto date the railway timings for their valued customers. Because if Pakistan Railway will get profitable department then the economic position will get positive and all other field can also get strong. You can install android mobile app and then register yourself. This mobile application providing a full day 24/7 services online and facilitating the citizens. Here is some important features of Pakistan Railways Official Mobile App like One Step Login To Existing Website Users, Search & Book Train Tickets, View & Book Seats From Intelligent Seat Plan, Pay via Credit/Debit Card, Pay via UBL Omini Shops and Pay via Mobile Account.

Download Pakistan Railways Official Mobile App

8. Khidmat @ Dehleez

Now a days Local Government departments services are very important and general public to get clean and green areas by the help of Governments. National Information Technology Board designed and developed an independent mobile app to facilitate the citiezens identify and submit the area that needs quick attention from Government departments, and Government officials will respond to their issues/suggestions. This mobile app is connected with real time monitoring system and full dedicated staff is watching the received complaints and suggestions for further process. The Government of Punjab can design special initiatives and campaigns to visible the change within the Province. After use the mobile app and this data can be use for future decision making facility by the Government and enhance the capabilities of departments.

Download Khidmat @ Dehleez Mobile App

9. Punjab Tourism

According to Prime Minister of Pakistan vision the Government of Punjab designed and developed a detailed mobile app name “Punjab Tourism. This mobile application providing the facility to public get plan their tourism visits with perfect way and knows better to move from one place to another plance easily. This mobile application providing the GIS mobile app to reach out the important tourist points within Punjab. The tourists can get different types of information about tourism in Punjab. You can enjoy different type of places, cultures, ancient civiliazation, spirituality and history points by using this mobile app along with detial information. Some important features of Punjab Tourism Mobile app is as Covers all the Tourism Cites in Punjab, Pakistan, Things to do, Available Facilities, History & Description of sites are available in app, Show sites on the map for convenience, Selection of sites on the basis of your interest like Historical sites, Agricultural sites & Religious sites etc.

Download Punjab Tourism Mobile App

10. Qeemat Punjab

The citizens of every society wants to get fresh and clean fruits & vegetables on reasonable prices. So, The Government of Punjab launches a mobile app name “Qeemat Punjab” and providing the upto date information from their markets. Currently Deputy Commissioners heading every districts markets and decided the prices of fruits and vegetables on the basis of economic position. The technical operators of districts update the prices on daily basis and any citizens can get information through this mobile app. If any citizens can found any problem or complaints about prices then the can submit the complaints using this mobile app and said complaints will come onto the dashboard of every Deputy Commissioners office. Any android based mobile can use this mobile app and get information about the fresh and clean fruits & vegetables.

Download Qeemat Punjab Mobile App

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