How to Submit Complaints to Prime Minister on Pakistan Citizen Portal?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated the Mobile Application in November 2018 to facilitate the citizens of Pakistan. The Pakistan Citizen Portal called PCP application designed and developed by National Information Technology Board. Initially in past the said system already successfully complete run in KPK Government from 2013 to 2018. An independent Prime Minister Delivery Unit (PMDU) manages the administration level activities of Pakistan Citizen Portal.. PMDU working under Cabinet Division and situated physically in Prime Minister’s Office G-5 Islamabad.

Basic Screen Shots of PCP

Registration Process

Step 1: Download The PCP Mobile Application from Google Play Store or Apple store for iOS

Download the iOS Application
Download the iOS Mobile Application
Download Android Mobile Application
Download the Android Mobile Application

Step 2: Select the Member Type

  1. Inland Citizen
  2. Overseas Pakistani
  3. Foreigner

Step 3: Fill up the Mobile Phone No field for verification.

On this form the applicant needs to inform the true information about their personal bio-data. The Pakistan Citizen Portal directly linked with NADRA to verify the citizenship record of all Pakistani.

Step 4: A SMS will receive to verify your personal human identification.

As provided mobile no, the technical problem follow and a SMS will generated for verification of applicant.

Step 5: Complete your profile in detail with Address

Please provide the exact information about your self, Because the system will catch the exact location to forward your complaints to the relevant departments.

Step 6: Select the complaint Category and follow the instruction briefed in below video on PCP

Step 7: After response again your complaints you must submit the feedback about organizations behavior

PCP Performance and Statistics

S.NoDescriptionNo of Records
1.No of Users3 Millions
2No of Complaints2.6 Millions
3.Foreigners Complaints10000+
4.Overseas Complaints200000+

Top Management Engagement

The Prime Minister Delivery United attached the two focal persons from each Ministry or Attached departments to communicate the matters regarding PCP. The Administrative Focal Person responsible to complete the marked complaints on prescribed as per approved SOP and User manual by PMDU. The Focal persons are also responsible to sensitize the importance within the department on PCP. The Technical Focal Persons responsible to roll out the said system on technical level. The back end web portal within the department and also communicate the technical requirements with PMDU.

Disciplinary Actions

The Prime Minister of Pakistan already took disciplinary Actions against officers or Departments on the basis of many complaints. These actions shows the importance of citizen’s of Pakistan. Similarly the audit and monitoring system established in Prime Minister Office to look after the officers performance. At the end the top management is quite important to look after the needs and problem resolution importance in field.

In conclusion the core objective of this mobile application Pakistan Citizen Portal is to provide the confidence.

The Link to submit the Complaints through website is

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