BaldiaOnline Mobile Application Launched to Get Services

BaldiaOnline Mobile Application

The 60% population of Pakistan living in the rural areas and mostly citizens are not education. So, they are facing a lot of problems to get registered himself and his family. The Government of Punjab already facilitate the citizens through e-Khidmat Maraakaz in every district and now launched a new Android based mobile application. This mobile application will help the citizens to get many services from home easily. Mainly BaldiaOnline Mobile Application focuses on delivering services and empowering communities. The Local Government and Development department is making more efforts to facilitate the residents of Punjab by providing the services online using information technology tools.

Download Mobile Application

The citizens can download the Android based mobile application from following link

Download Android Mobile App


  1. The citizens can get birth certificate from this app.
  2. You can register the death certificate from this app.
  3. The character certificate end to end process also integrated with this mobile app.
  4. The marriage certificate module also integrated with the BaldiaOnline Mobile Application.
  5. A complete Complaint Management System regarding the services of Local Government and Department is also included in this BaldiaOnline Mobile Application.
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