How to Save your life from Sorrow and sad Movement by Change Your Life? Duain App

Duain App

The prayer is the actual weapon against evil of every human being. So every muslim wants to read Dua or prayer on every day and night. This mobile application provide the facility to read out the Dua on morning and evening. The prayers included in this mobile application is authentic and verified by the Imam. When any Muslim wants to dua to Allah from a way in which our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W ordered us then Allah will accept Dua. To remove the sorrow and sad movement every Muslim read the daily duas on morning and evening. This mobile application provide the facility to allow reading duas in a fresh and beautiful way. All supplications/duas are authentic and extracted from true Quran wa Sunnah.

On daily basis a new Dua or verse showing to the users to attract the screen. You can plan to recite this dua in a whole day and then trying to remember this daily dua.

You daily routine to read the Dua will decrease your sorrow and Allah will help you in every day of life and help you on way that is not in your mind before this.

Another important feature with bookmark is included to remember the dua on daily basis and some peoples wants some special dua for a specific purpose. So, you can repeat the Duas on the basis of bookmarked option.

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If you want to remove sorrow and sad movement from your life then install this mobile application and settled your day to day routine life with this mobile Application. The only solution to remove sorrow and sad movements is in this book of Allah the Quran.

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