Khidmat Aap Ki Dehleez Par Mobile App Launched by Government of Pakistan Khidmat @ Dehleez

In Pakistan Muncipal departments working under direct supervision of Provinces and then manage districts by different authorities. Like in Punjab Muncipal activities managed by different development authorities and Baldia departments further process the responsibilities.

The citizens faces a lot of problems to get facilities on their door steps with efficiency. So, Government of Punajb decied to launch a Mobile Based Monitoring system to check the performance of local governments with technology. So, Punjab Information Technology Board designed and developed a Mobile Application named Khidmat @ Dehleez and upload on Play Store. You can download this mobile App from following link:

Download Mobile App Khidmat @ Dehleez:

You can watch end to end use process for Khidmat @ Dehleez by watching Smart Tech Expert video tutorial.

So, the general public and governments can work together and help out to managment to get the worst locations and areas. Through this app you can check the different areas performances. Any citizen can identify the area in which you need to attention for Governments. You can also send different recommendations and suggestion through this Mobile App.

This Mobile App based monitoring system is working with real time monitoring system. Using this system the Government of Punjab will improve the service quality of departments and provide a well versed facilities to the citizens. The citizens can notified when their problems or complaints resolved or status changed via Alert messages on Mobile Apps. Any citizen can rate the working and response of any deparments on this mobile App. The Government can settle their Key Performance Indicators of all employees, officers as well as departments after detail data analytics.

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