Explore all the modifications introduced by WhatsApp in October 2023.


WhatsApp’s October 2023 Updates: Enhancing User Experience and Privacy

Connecting Billions Worldwide

Billions of users rely on WhatsApp daily to connect with work, family, friends, and their interests. Meta acknowledges WhatsApp’s dominance and has dedicated significant efforts in 2023 to maintain its lead, incorporating features inspired by other messaging apps like Telegram.

Continuous Innovation

October brought a wave of updates from Meta’s engineering team, reinforcing WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy and security while introducing eagerly awaited features. Let’s delve into the highlights:

1. Multi-Account Support

WhatsApp has now officially embraced multiple user accounts on the same device, ending the need for third-party software or secondary devices. This development is a boon for dual-SIM phone users, allowing practical management of accounts while keeping conversations and privacy settings separate.

2. Passkeys for Enhanced Security

In line with WhatsApp’s privacy focus, passkey support has been introduced, allowing users to bypass SMS-based two-factor authentication. Utilizing secure on-device biometrics, like fingerprints, during account setup enhances security by eliminating password reuse and reducing the risk of phishing scams.

3. Text Formatting Options

WhatsApp introduced additional text formatting options, such as code blocks, quote blocks, bulleted lists, and numbered lists. These features enhance communication, making it easier to emphasize, correct, or organize messages.

4. Voice Message Enhancements

Meta focused on voice messages, testing a self-destruct feature after the recipient plays them once. Additionally, voice message support in channels is in the works, enabling administrators to share audio clips with a broader audience.

5. UI Redesign Expansion

WhatsApp’s new UI design, tested over the past few months, expanded to more beta testers in October. Changes include a bottom-aligned navigation bar, Material Design 3 toggles, and subtle adjustments to the color scheme.

6. Locked and Hidden Chats

A privacy-focused update allows users to hide locked chats, adding an extra layer of security. To reveal hidden chats, users enter a customizable secret code in the search bar, followed by the specific unlock code for each chat.

WhatsApp’s commitment to innovation, security, and privacy ensures a dynamic and secure messaging experience for its global user base.

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