How to Check Registered SIMs on ID Card or CNIC?

SIms Registered on CNIC

In this article you will learn 3 ways to get information about your CNIC having different companies SIMs registered.

Why It Is Important To Check Registered SIMs On Your Name?
Because of safety concerns, cell phone organizations in Pakistan are permitted to issue up to eight SIMs – including three information SIMs and five voice SIM cards – against each electronic public id card (CNIC).

To stay away from any problem because of the abuse of a SIM card on a people’s name, it is fundamental for everybody to know the number of SIM cards are enlisted on one’s CNIC and it is similarly critical to make a move and deactivate an undesirable SIM card.

In the event that you will buy another information (MBB) or voice SIM card, it is smarter to initially check the number of SIMS are enrolled on your name (CNIC) and deactivate a SIM assuming you are off the cutoff.

The Number Of Ways To Check Active SIMs On Your CNIC:
There are three following approaches to check dynamic SIMs against your CNIC advantageously:

1) By visiting the authority Website
2) By sending a SMS
3) By settling on a Decision

1) By Visiting Official Website
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is the administering body which directs these issues. For the accommodation of general society, PTA has sent off a Website where you can get the expected data by utilizing your CNIC number.

Official Link to Check the SIMs Ownerships

After Submission, you will get the accompanying required data. The quantity of Voice + Data SIMs, number of Data Only (MBB) SIMs and all out SIMs alongside the Network (Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Zong and Warid)

Be careful – Telecommunication organizations in Pakistan are permitted to give up to eight SIMs against each modernized public character card (CNIC). 5 Voice+Data SIMs and 3 Data Only (MBB) SIMs. If you have any desire to purchase another SIM card and you as of now have 8 SIMs enlisted, you would need to deactivate a SIM card to get another one.

2) By Sending A SMS
The second and an advantageous method for figuring out insights regarding the SIMs enlisted against your CNIC is by sending a SMS to 668. Kindly follow the underneath steps:

Type your CNIC number without runs and spaces in the New Message
Send it to 668
You will get an instant message in answer with the insights regarding dynamic SIMs against your CNIC.

The instant message will make reference to the Network name and the quantity of Voice + Data SIMs and Data Only SIMs enlisted against that organization.

3) By Making A Call
At long last, you can likewise advantageously consider your organization supplier’s helpline numbers to know the insights concerning the dynamic SIMs you have and furthermore to ask about different issues like deactivation and obstructing technique.

Helpline numbers 111 or 111 300 300

Helpline numbers 321 or 111 111 321

Helpline numbers 345 or 111 345 100

Helpline numbers 310 or 111 222 111

Helpline numbers 333 or 111 333 100

Remember to dial your city code prior to calling any of the UAN helpline numbers. For example, for Karachi dial 021, for Lahore dial 042 and for Islamabad dial 051.

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