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Blogging Earning in Pakistan

In this article we will explain that how we can earn money through Blogging. We will present step by step guide about blogging creation, settings, theme change, layout change and then we move to advertisement and content writing.

At first reading a blog, I expect a marketing mastermind with a book full of strategies to create content and access revenue. But I realized pretty quickly that my dream didn’t fit in a bucket.

I think the reason is its too easy to find money the traditional way: There is too much competition, too many perfect choices, too much data to manually go through every day. I won’t have to worry about hating my job, as well as my followers/benefits/rewards, so I can pay my (long) bills.

In fact, blogging is just a hobby that is grown into a lucrative occupation. You could have all the data scientists, philosopher-moderators, and independent filmmakers in the world coming to you from your inbox daily. And if you keep writing every day, chances are very good that by the end of the year, you will have the top 10 podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

Every day I come to you with a free newsletter, which takes less than 20 minutes to put out. This is the lowest-hanging fruit for your business. Whether you are a mom, a realtor, or the CEO of a company, there is a role for your blog if you are even half competent at it.

If you are lazy like me, or need a high-paid $80,000 per year job with minimal mistakes, you will start by committing to one day per month. Then once you find your groove, your decision will be reconsidered.

If you really want to get paid, you must combine your blog with your side hustle. Your side hustle can be your job at a coffee shop, Starbucks, JD Sports, The Guys, D/FW Doughnuts, bookshop, magazine, clothing store, photo studio, magazine shop, rickshaw ride, and even Your Beautiful Double Midnights.

Either you can quit your job, or the company will find out and you are able to monetize your side hustle. Ultimately, with a side hustle, you can do whatever you want to do, and you will have unlimited resources to help you with the activities you enjoy.

But more than that, you can do whatever you want. I think the only regret in a great life is that you still haven’t done all the things that your mom is doing and her high school was not fulfilling.

And if it wasn’t satisfying, your blog won’t produce any money. Well, it will not, either.

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