How to Get Online Fard in Punjab Pakistan? | Online Property Fard | Punjab Land Record Authority

In this article we will describe the process to Register on Punjab Land Record Management System. You can get your land fard online using the portal launched by Punjab Land Record Authority.

Online Land record System of Pakistan

Registration of land in Pakistan has become mandatory since 1961. However, this has been difficult to check due to various reasons, e.g. there have been no central automated register that can enter land information.

Thus, an identity card for registration of land has not been implemented.

Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) is a computerized registry system that offers unlimited information.

The world is witnessing a strong digitization of information through the internet.

This in turn has given the Internet a direction of multimedia as well as web pages. The last few years have seen growing computerization. The role of the Internet is the responsibility of the government to empower the consumer.

Pakistan is trying to integrate the society in computerised system. The government is reluctant to go for computerization in marketing domain as most people use e-commerce, this is a huge departure from Pakistan’s primary market, but electronic commerce system is happening all over the world.

Going offline has turned out to be expensive and risky in most areas of Pakistan. The authorities should utilize technology to deal with the current challenges. E-commerce has given unprecedented opportunities, and the digitization of real estate and property titles in Pakistan is crucial.

Technology is finding ways to move faster and serve the common man better. Pakistan has diversified its market to suit new gadgets that also have their own advantages. For example, the growing popularity of mobile phones has given the benefit of communication, the Internet and quick resolution of matter. An e-commerce application can offer similar advantages.

The computerized properties society of Pakistan will benefit all the tenants. But more attractive features are the ability to serve both buyers and sellers via e-commerce. Pakistan’s proposal for computerization the properties belongs to Internet and the World have passed the rations, but in the name of social process.

The Government of Punjab launched website to get Fard Online using

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