How to Rank YouTube Videos Using Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research in 2021?

YouTube SEO

In this detail article we will explain the Search Engine Optimization implementation steps in YouTube videos. Using SEO steps you can get your videos in top ranked and get thousands of views.

Steps to follow Search Engine Optimization in YouTube Videos

  1. Select proper video title: You must prepare a proper title after using the words related to your topics.
  2. Write up proper description: Add detail video description along with previous videos links
  3. Add Hashtag information
  4. Select proper Category
  5. Keywork Research
  6. Select Monetization and Ads Type
  7. YouTube select proper Ads Suitability
  8. Add subtitles
  9. Add Cards
  10. Add End Screens
  11. Select copyright and Ads Suitability
  12. Select publish options like Private, Publish and Publish with Scheduling

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