How to Register Sohni Dharti Remittance App Account in 2022?

Now you can become part of the Sohni Dharti Remittance Program initiative and earn loyalty points on sending remittances to Pakistan through formal banking channels. Once registered, you will earn loyalty points for all remittances to realised in bank accounts or collected through Cash on Counter in Pakistan.

Register in few simple steps using this Sohni Dharti App and start collecting your loyalty points. The loyalty points can be used to avail exciting services at listed agencies. You can also add beneficiaries to your Sohni Dharti App and share exciting benefits with them. Your beneficiaries can register using this Sohni Dharti Mobile App and you can transfer your loyalty points to them for redemption against services and benefits.

The Sohni Dharti App is powered by 1LINK Pvt. Ltd., in collaboration with State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance and Financial Institutions.

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