How to Verify your Employees and Check Criminal Records in Police on Tadeeq Mobile App?

In 2020 the crime ratio is increased in over the world specially the house crime. The criminals strategy to follow the citizens and then try to theft in houses. Now a days in Pakistan specifically in citizens the mostly criminals belongs to the small job seekers like house servants, drivers, security guards, cooks and cleaners. On another side the house personnel’s not bother to verify the persons before hire them and also it is very hectic process to verify manually from the previously he or she work.  The Tadeeq Mobile App is now providing the facility to the citizens of Pakistan to verify your servants, employees or workers at any time.

But now it is easy process after the launching the Mobile application Tasdeeq by a private company in collaboration with Sindh Police. Firstly this mobile application designed and deployed in Sindh and CPLC in Karachi. Tasdeeq mobile application is actually the demand of police in coordination with private sector. This project completed in collaboration with Safe Pakistan Welfare Trust (SPWT).

With the usage of Technology now you can easily get the criminals record from all over the Sindh Police database and also you can track the previous work record by said domestic workers. 


Why this Tasdeeq Mobile Application Need?

  1. Because the increasing crime incidents by the domestic servants/working in houses.
  2. Due to this reason the poverty is also increase because poor peoples cannot get jobs directly.

How Tasdeeq Mobile Application is working?

Step 1: Download the Tadeeq Mobile App from Google Play Store

Download Android Mobile App

Download the Tadeeq Mobile App from Link

Step 2: Registration Process

Fill up the complete registration form along with Mobile No, CNIC and complete Address.

Step 3: Verification Process

After verification of Mobile No through a OTP code on your mobile then the complete profile form will appear.

Step 4:

Now Add the complete record your servant/worker along with CNIC front and back picture. Please type the exact NADRA information because when you want to verify the name of this person to NADRA then it provide you the information.

Step 5: Search Criminal Record

Now search the CNIC of your servant or worker that any criminal record found in Sindh CPLC database record then the following message will show against your record.

a.  Tasdeeq – No Criminal record found

b. User Process

c. A record may exist. Please contact the relevant police jurisdiction for further confirmation/investigation.


Please watch the video to verify the criminal record from Punjab Police Mobile Application


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