How to Complete 4000 Hours watch time on YouTube in 2021? Increase Watch time On YouTube 2021

Watch Time 4000 hours

In this article we will explain about to complete the watch time hours required by YouTube for monetization purpose.

Steps to complete 400 Watch Hours

  1. Title : You can search your title from youTube like if your video is related to entertainment then you can search this sentence and many videos will come. After searching you must select a proper title for your videos that is previously YouTuber selected and got many views. So, the selection of title is very important.
  2. Description: After selection of title you must enter this title in description and write a 2 to 3 lines regarding your video. You can add your other social media links, youtube videos and other related information about your channel. This description also value for any search engine and some time your keywords used in description important for any SEO techniques.
  3. Hashtag: This options is active in 2021 by YouTube and valuable to include your videos in top trending topics. You can search previously used hashtags and use any website to search top trending hashtags.
  4. Thumbnail: Thumbnail play a very vital role to viral any video because if your thumbnail is very attractive then viewers must click on your videos and watch this for their information. You can design any thumbnail on easily.
  5. Playlist: Create a suitable playlist for different topics to provide the accessibility for your users.
  6. Tags/Keywords: The selection of keywords is very important. You can search keywords from YouTube search engine, google search engine, google keywords planner and many tools, utilities available on internet for this purpose. So, keep in mind include the viral and top trending keywords in your videos.

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