How to Use Humsafar Mobile Application of Motorway Police during Travelling?

The National Highways & Motorway Police, specialized police force to manage the traffic management on all Motorways, Highways and G.T Roads except Islamabad. In Islamabad an independent Islamabad Traffic Police is working for traffic management. Normally this police force called Motorway Police. Due to crime incidents on motorways and some severe accidents so, the management of Motorway Police decided to develop a mobile application. So, Punjab Information Technology started the development of Humsafar Mobile Application. This mobile application is now working with Police to help the travellers on all roads.


  1. Firstly you must register yourself along with your user name, mobile
  2. After registration you must also enable your location to check the exact position for Motorway Police on Humsafar Mobile Application.
  3. Motorway Police issued different types of Advisory regarding weather or accidents on Motorways, Highways and normal roads.
  4. You can call Motorway Police by clicking on Emergency button on Humsafar Mobile Application.
  5. The Official FM95 Road Safety radio also integrated with this mobile application.
  6. The contact details of all Headquarters also available on this mobile application.

Download Mobile App

Download Android Mobile App
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The Services of National Highways & Motorway Police
NHMP Radio
Travel Advisory

Road Safety Points

  1. Motorway Police providing the guide for practical driving test.
  2. Theoretical driving test guide available on website in English and Urdu
  3. Motorway Police providing the road safety guidelines in the shape of detailed syllabus.
  4. On official website the driving tips, traffic rules and traffic signs available for guidance.

Core Values of Motorway Police

The Motorway Police have the core values with the help of citizens, education and then lastly most important is the enforcement of all laws issued by the Government of Pakistan

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