Good News for Pakistani Formers | Ricult Pakistan Mobile App

Pakistan is the agriculture country and our farmers needs to update themselves from weather and other activities. Government of Pakistan issued different instruction for the betterment of their objectives. The Ricult Pakistan Mobile App initiative from private company that is providing information regarding the fields work. With this mobile application you can access your fields through map and marked the area with sattelite. You can marked your field from satellite and moniter the current activities of fields.

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Features of this Ricult Pakistan Mobile App

  1. You can check farm’s weather
  2. Rainfall outlook option is available
  3. With this mobile application you can mark your fields and then moniter your crop health.
  4. Ricult Pakistan Mobile App providing the facility to apply for a loan from Government and Private level.
  5. Online mill prices available on this mobile application.
  6. You can contact any expert advice through mobile app.
  7. The farmers can up to date with the position of their fields using the satelite view.
  8. The measurement calculator available to measure your won fields and include in this mobile app to moniter.
  9. Application is available in Urdu and English language.
  10. The weather updates on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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