How to Check your Mobile registered with PTA? PTA IMEI Verification System

PTA IMEI Verification System

In current security situation the illegal mobiles phones are use for all type of criminal activities in the world. All over the world it is standard that a unique device number alloted to identified the exact physical device. This unique no is called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Pakistan also started the exercise to register the mobiles working in over the Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is the responsible to manage the communication devices and register the local and imported mobiles. Initially PTA show the notifications to all over mobile network and warned to the users. A lot of users started to register the mobile devices. This mobile application called PTA IMEI Verification System is facilitating the users to check the IMEI compliant or not. In case of your IMEI not registered on this PTA database then they can be block your device.

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You can easily mobile IMEI from your dialpad using *#06# code. It is hereby informed that a lot of mobile that is embed multiple IMEI numbers against 1 mobile device.

Another process is to check the IMEI no for registration is through SMS facility.

Instructions For SMS Based Verification

  • Go to messages
  • Create a new message
  • Type IMEI
  • Send to 8484

You can also access the PTA IMEI Verification System from website

On below URL you can senter your IMEI no with a captcha code to identify as human being and check your mobile device.

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