How to Know the Daily Prices of Vegetables/Fruits on Durust Daam App?

Durust Daam App

Durust Daam App designed and developed by National Information Technology Board (NITB) initially for ICT Administration. The basic purpose of this mobile application to facilitate the Islamabad citizens to know the exact prices settled by the ICT Administration in Fruits markets. The broad aspect showing that ICT Administration wants to control the illegagle profiteering by the shopkeepers in Islamabad. After successful lauching and use of this Durust Daam App, the Prime Minister of Pakistab ordered to NITB to enhance the scope of this mobile application to all over the Pakistan. Then in next stage the NITB designed the said Durust Daam App for Balochistan and Faisalabad (The District of Punjab). Currently this application is now working in 3 jurisdiction of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad, Faisalabad and Balochistan. An independent price management system is provided to the local adminstration for updation the prices on daily basis.

Types of Prices

  1. Vegetables Prices
  2. Fruits Prices
  3. Daily Commodities
  4. Poultry Prices

The Price Committee of every district already working in their Deputy Commissioner. And they are normally published the prices in written format and now also put up on Mobile Application Durust Daam App.

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Durust Daam App features

  1. This mobile application developed on the technical architecture called SAAS (Software as a Service) platform.
  2. The citizens can get the latest daily exact prices of vegetables, fruits, poultry and commodities.
  3. Initially this App working in Islamabad, Faisalabad and Balochistan.
  4. In Islamabad you can get the fruits and vegetables online with other mobile applications integrated with this App i.e. “Fowry and Sabzi Mandi”.
  5. Any citizen can share any price with their friends after clicking a share button on this App.
  6. Mobile App users can get previous dates prices also after selecting the calendar menu to compare the prices.
  7. A Special features also included with complete end to end Complaint management system in this App to provide the facility to the citizens that face any problem.

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