How to Verify your Servants Criminal Record from Tasdeeq Mobile App?

Tasdeeq Mobile App

In Pakistan mostly criminals activities done by the informer of houses. In traditional way everyone hired their employees with previous employees reference. So, after passing some time these employees get more information about the internal resources. So, their is need to establish a complete connection with public and house owners. This Tasdeeq Mobile App developed by a private company. This mobile application is fully integrated with Sindh and Islamabad Police Criminals record.

In this video tutorial you can check your home servants before hiring to check any criminal records from Police.


Features of this Mobile Application

  1. Firstly you need to register yourself along with complete information.
  2. After registration you must enrolled your employees with CNIC pictures.
  3. This application also providing you the complete process to verify your CNIC from NADRA.
  4. After complete feed up the record then you must click on verify employees button to hit the criminals records.
  5. After verification the application will provide the 3 types of notifications.
  6. Green button show that no criminal record found against this CNIC in Police Criminals database.
  7. Red button show that criminal record found and you need to contact with police to further process and information.
  8. Orange button shows that the response still pending at the end of Police database and will response later on.

Furthermore, it is requrested to use this application for the betterment of this society and save your houses from criminals.

Download Tasdeeq Mobile App

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