How to Use RASTA Mobile Application in Lahore City?

Rasta Mobile App

The Lahore Police launches RASTA Mobile Application, design by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). This application will help the citizens of Lahore specifically traffic and driving license related matters. The Traffic Police also contributed his technical expertise related to their field work.

This application will provide the facility to the public with the respect of apply the driving license, payment of challans and traffic Advisory. This application also issue different types of alerts when and where required to smooth the operation of traffic within the city. Time to time traffic updates also is the part of this mobile application. You can set your route map with the help of Google Maps and marking the different roads in this app.

So following list showing the features of RASTA Mobile Application

  1. Traffic Advisory
  2. Route Planner
  3. Challan Payment
  4. E-License (Get your License)
  5. Schedule Appointment
  6. Cancel Appointment History
  7. Driving License Center
  8. Emergency Call 15
  9. Traffic Feedback/Complaints
  10. Incidents Reporting
  11. My Challans
  12. Offence List
  13. Important Places of Lahore
  14. Verify Your Own License
  15. Traffic License Delivery Process
  16. Travel Inquiries within Lahore
  17. Online Driving School Information

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