How to Convert Your WhatsApp Transparent and Stylish Format?

WhatsApp Transparent

Everyone wants to use the WhatsApp in a very good manner and stylish format is the need to use the messenger. WhatsApp giving the facility to chat with friends with text, audio and video. WhatsApp transparent method is used with this mobile application designed and developed by Ihsan and you can download from Google Play Store. This application also included other features that can also be use like Web View, Walk & Chat, Status Saver, Unsaved Number, WhatsApp Cleaner, Ascii Faces, Text Repeater, Caption Status, Text to Emoji, WhatsApp Shortcut, WhatsApp Gallery.

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Accidents on WhatsApp

You can use this WhatsApp transparent features to make safe from any accidents because some time you want to chat with friends during traveling on footpath but you also want to keep on road hurdles. So, this mobile application will help to you to watch on roads.

Battery Use in WhatsApp

When we are going to add many features other then WhatsApp default then our battery time can reduced and you chat and audio call time also reduce. So, there is no limit to use any feature from other mobile application but keep safe your whatsAPp chat.

Download only from Google Play Store.

It is very important point that when you want to download any mobile application for your android mobile then every time download from Google Play Store. It is also better if you can check the Play Protect options. Before downloading any app you must visit the page About App to look the overall downloads, release date and update date.

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