How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos on Mobile?

This Articles will brief regarding the Download WhatsApp Status Videos mobile application.

WhatsApp is a messenger designed and developed by an American and now Facebook Inc is owned this social messenger. This application can download from Google Play Store and ioS version from Apple Store. From all over the world the WhatsApp users are day by day increase and now a days a lot of business activities also done with this tool. Many private company communicate each other and share their docs on this mobile messenger.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp also launched the WhatsApp Business version on which you can manage the teams and communicate each other. This mobile application is also free to download app and specially designed with the mind to manage the small businesses. In this application you can create a catalogues to showcase your products and services. You can communicate with customers easily with this using tools. The messages on WhatsApp messenger can sort and quickly respond and to all customers.

Download WhatsApp Status Videos

Download Android Mobile App

Download Friends Status

The process to download the status of other friends is briefly recorded in below video. You can follow the steps in this video to install the said mobile application and also how you can use this mobile application. There is 3 basic types of WhatsApp status like text, image and video. Mostly friends wants to download the status himself. Normally we request to our friends that please send me this video that is showing on your WhatsApp Status. Sometime this video takes a lot of time because you friends not see you message or later on they deleted the videos from local storage. So, you can download the videos from WhatsApp storage within 24 hours. After 24 hours the status video automatically deleted from WhatsApp server.

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