A Special Amazing App | Computer Launcher Mobile Application

This is an amazing mobile application that have the facility to convert your android phone into the screen of computer or laptop. The best thing in this app is that this convert the whole operating system into windows based environment. Some users wants to use their mobiles like their phones and store their files and daily routine life works. So, the Computer Launcher Mobile Application is the best application for that users.

Download Computer Launcher Mobile App

The key features of Computer Launcher Mobile Application

  1. You can just install this application on your mobile application
  2. After successfull instatllation you can instantly converted into windows based environments.
  3. All type of icons converted like a computer a laptop.
  4. You can click on task bar as like computer.
  5. My Computer icon, recycle icon will be available on main screen.
  6. All installed apps are available in start menu.
  7. As like in android operating system you can also search any apps from start menu.
  8. Your folders and files are showing in C Drive.
  9. On the basis of SD card you drive converted in Computer Hard Drives.
  10. The photos gallery also display on main desktop or laptop screens.

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